Welcome to Bambú
Your palate takes a journey along the
lush banks of the Mekong River,
through the Gobi desert to the height of
Mount Fuji.

Thai, Chinese and japanese creations
transport your senses to the places
where our meals find inspiration.

This is Bambú- A New Experience.

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All You Can Eat Sunday DINNER
Join us for All You Can Eat Sunday dinner from 4-10pm $29.95 per person
Make reservations online or call us for details!

Over 30 delicious dim sum items available 7 days a week!
Special Events at Bambu
You and up to 220 of your guests can enjoy a cocktail in Bangkok, an appetizer in Chengdu and a main course in Hong Kong — with lots of free parking and a short drive home. Book your corporate function or social event and experience a contemporary expression of the Far East… while never going far at all.
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